• Building a culture of health in the modern educational environment

    From a speech at the First All-Russian scientific-practical conference “Preservation and promotion of health in the educational institutions of the Russian Federation” (Ministry of Education and Science, Federal Institute for Development Studies, Moscow, 8-9.11. 2007). “Organizational and coordinating the activities of the department of education, science and youth policy of the administration of Ryazan to preserve and improve the health of schoolchildren.” School and community – communicating vessels. Lives of future generations depends on what we do in our educational institutions today, what do we do in our schools tomorrow. “Infect” health of our children, teachers and parents to create “fashion health” – an urgent goal of civil society in Russia. Today, the society and the state education system impose a social order for a healthy person. Any type of educational institution must be an educational and recreational. And organizational and coordinating mission to preserve and improve the health of school children should be placed on education authorities.

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